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        Reiki is universal life force energy. Many people experience relaxation, a sense of well being, feeling centered/grounded, and a sense of being energized when they receive Reiki. The technique allows a practitioner to utilize energy to bring balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual, acting as a facilitator for others to heal themselves.


        Reiki is a method of self-empowerment through self-awareness. Reiki is transmitted through a gentle, non-invasive touch, or by hovering several inches over the body. As this is a system for working with energy, no manipulation of the body is necessary. In fact, all healing, or disease (unbalance) appears first outside the body in the energy field. Permission is requested to touch the client, who remains fully clothed; and no sexual parts are ever touched.


       Reiki was practiced as Raku Kei by the Tibetans over 3,000 years ago and is known as Seichim in Egypt. During the nineteenth century, traditional Reiki was reintroduced by Dr. Mikao Usui who explored the most effective methods of healing in both Eastern and Western cultures. This method of natural healing is passed directly from Master to student through a series of attunements. A practitioner is a channel (pipeline) for unlimited light energy and facilitates others in healing themselves. There are three levels of training, each allowing practitioners to deepen their capacity to work with this powerful restorative energy. Reiki is safe and beneficial to both the client and the practitioner.

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"Last week's Reiki session with you was amazing and I and O. are still reaping the benefits"