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Primordial Sound Meditation  

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Meditation is the perfect antidote to stress.

Learn to Meditate and reap the benefits in your life. Rediscover who you really are. Bring more balance and peace in your life; soothe your body and calm your mind. 

Through the regular practice of Meditation, you can experience reduced stress and strengthened immunity. 

Mimi Teaches Primordial Sound Meditation to Individuals and Corporate Groups

                                                                                                          Mimi Teaches Mindfullness Meditation Basics - a good place to start !

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-“The Retreat was a Godsend for me....thank you for sharing your life and helping me de-stress!” JM

-“It was delicious! What fun!" A

-“I'd be honored to return to the Women’s Retreat next year… wouldn't miss it for the world”. J.

-“I'm jealous you are there and I'm stuck here!!! work has been RIDICULOUS…Wish I was with you at Retreat” L.

-“Mimi, when you lead the guided meditation, that’s the first time I experienced Imagery.” M.

- "Wish I could express to you just how much you have helped me in the past 7 months.- I truly enjoyed the retreat and look forward to the next one!"  S.